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Simply place an order for drycleaning through our app. Laundr gets it picked up and delivered whenever suits you best. Fresh, clean and neatly folded. No hassle.

Step 1

Tell us what needs to be dry cleaned: Just indicate how many suits, skirt suits or shirts you've got for us.

Step 2

Enter your location details and schedule the pickup and dropoff by choosing the timeslot of your choice. We can return your goods as fast as as within 24 hours!

Step 3

We give your goods some TLC and make sure they get dropped off nice, clean and fresh. No fiddling with cash, your payment will be processed automatically.

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We care for our suits, that's why we ensure first-class service.

Drycleaning is a craft. In order to ensure the best service possible we cooperate solely with drycleaners who have earned their spurs. All of our drycleaners have been carefully selected and are continuously reviewed by you and us to guarantee the best service.

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There's a waiting list. Leave your e-mail for an invite.

We're currently running our closed beta in Rotterdam and Amsterdam (NL). Join the waiting list and we'll add you to our testing pool once a slot opens up in a city near you. Yes, we're expanding rapidly ;).

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